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The Maine Real Estate Managers Association (MREMA) has two classes of membership. 

FULL MEMBERSHIP in the Association is limited to the dues-paying business entities professionally involved in real estate management, development, or ownership in the State of Maine. Each member shall have only one vote regardless of the number of employees or units managed or owned by a particular entity. Dues per calendar year: $500 for companies managing 1000+ units; $400 for companies with 500-999 units; $325 for companies with 100-499 units, $150 for companies with 51-99 units; $75 for companies with 50 or less. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP in the Association is offered to organizations who do not manage property, but who provide a resource or service to professionals within the property management industry. Associate members are not eligible to vote. Dues per calendar year: $125.

To sign up, please fill out the online form below. To view / print a registration form to mail in, please download the registration form.

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