Resident Service Coordinators (RSC’s) provide information and referrals to residents in a community who need supportive services to maintain self-sufficiency. RSC’s aid low-income seniors, individuals with special needs and families residing in affordable housing. Service coordinators assist low-income seniors in identifying, locating and acquiring the services necessary for them to age in place in their own homes. Service coordinators provide assistance and access to community-based supports, skills training and resources for low-income families to maintain or achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Resident Service Coordinators work to develop relationships with residents and function as an advocate for individual residents and communities. RSC’s benefit apartment owners and managers by reducing apartment turnover and damage by intervening and assisting with the resolution of lease violations. RSC’s help to facilitate a stronger sense of community at affordable housing complexes, which increases the safety and marketability while improving the quality of life for the residents. Resident Service Coordinators benefit the community by engaging with service providers and volunteer groups in the community and connecting them with the residents.

What is M.R.S.C.A.?

Mission: We are a professional organization dedicated and committed to the development and promotion of service coordination within our state and local communities- united to address the needs of all people.

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  • Cindy Farrington — President
  • Wendy Akerlind — Vice President head of membership
  • Annette Crosby — Treasurer
  • Kelley Hartman — Secretary

Committee Members

  • Board member — Patricia Ellsworth co-head of training committee
  • Board member — Lisa Sambrook co-head of training committee

At Large Board members

  • Board member—Gretchen Roy
  • Board member—Marcie Oechslie
  • Board member—John Painter

Meetings / Events

  • Quarterly meetings scheduled in March and September
  • NERSC Annual Conference scheduled in May
  • Annual meeting scheduled in November
  • If you would like to be notified of meetings and receive other information about MRSCA events, please email MRSCA